LeggUP partnered with Zoom to bring best in class audio and video conferencing to LeggUP members and coaches. You can enjoy all the benefits of Zoom like HD video, Conference Calling, Screen Sharing though LeggUP's seamless integration.

Installing the Zoom App

For the best session experience we recommend the Zoom App to be installed on your computer or smartphone device. LeggUP will automatically generate a meeting link for members and coaches. The coach link is unique to each coach, as they are designated as host for the meeting. 

Download the Zoom App from here:

Join meeting from your Browser 

If you don't have access to the Zoom App on your computer, you can join any meeting using your preferred Internet Browser. Some Internet Browsers only support Voice calling and Screen Sharing. Please check the compatibility of your browser before your session. 

Find your browser in the list below, and follow the instructions to join the meeting: 

LeggUP Meeting Portal

We collected the most popular options on the LeggUP Meeting Portal. You can use the portal to join your meeting and get access to more information in case you're having trouble joining a scheduled session.

Go to the LeggUP Meeting Portal:

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