The coaching plan is a coaching program that includes the main description and the steps you need to finish to meet your specific coaching goal. 

LeggUP keeps you on track by making the coaching engagement easy to follow. Discuss the details of your plan with your coach, so they can customize your plan for your unique goals.

Note: Check out our Signature Coaching Plans to get a sense for how coaching plans can accelerate your professional development.

Coaching Plan Steps -  Steps in your coaching plan can be scheduled as sessions for one-on-one coaching. A step can also be an individual activity between one-on-one sessions. The Schedule button will help you to open the Session page and schedule a session for each step. When the step is completed, you can mark this achievement with Completed button.

The coaching plan is available from Coaching Plans page. Use your contact list on the right side as a filter to view the coaching plans related with a selected coach.

If you have any questions about your coaching plan, please contact your coach in your chat or address them to our support team using Support widget.

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