January 2019 Coach and Learner Product Update

New User Interface: We are excited to share our lighter and smoother user-friendly interface. Our team worked really hard on it and we hope you will like it! 

New Search Products are becoming the very basis for searching of coach on LeggUP platform that's why we redesigned our “Search for a Coach” page. We’ve added loads of features to easily find coaches and products to help you achieve a career LeggUP!

Coaching Goals We’re happy to announce that we’re expanding the number of coaching goals from the current 9 to over 40. Learners will be able to search for specific problems that they are trying to solve through coaching. This will simplify the engagement for all learners to easily connect with talented career development coaches.

Coaching Products and Pricing Coaching Products make it simple for learners to find offerings from coaches relevant to the coaching goals. Coaches can set-up products similar to how restaurants create a menu. There are options for samplers, appetizers and of course, great main-courses! Start with Free Coaching Discovery sessions to find the right fit. 

Free Career Discovery Consultation: 30 mins 

Essential: 30 mins @ $49

Growth: 60 mins or 90 mins @ $149

Strategic: 3/6/9/12 sessions 

Team: Workshops/ Lunch and Learns/ Webinars 

Personality Assessment Understanding ourselves and creating a development starting point through data is critical to a successful coaching experience. Coaches and learners are now able to share the results of personality assessments to identify a good starting point. The personality assessment is based on over 70 years of research and linked to our artificial intelligence engine that helps suggest coaching goals. 

Learner Career Map We’ve replaced our dashboard with a Career Map page for our Lifetime Learners. Examine your career soft skills with our personality assessment, set up your development goals, see what our AI engine suggests and start your coaching journey! All of this is available on your Career Map!

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