If you have trouble and cannot enter your video meeting room please check these steps that could probably help you to solve your issue.

  • Check the browser you are using. Currently video meeting rooms are available in Chrome and Firefox browsers only.

  • Check the version of your browser. Currently we support Chrome v. 50 or higher and Firefox v.49 or higher.

                   Latest version of Chrome                            Latest version of Firefox

  • Video meeting service always asked the user to allow usage of their camera and microphone first time user is trying to use this service. You need to give your approval.  

  • If you cannot see yourself after you open the page, your camera (and probably your microphone) could be disabled for this site. 

  • Open these browser settings if you are using Chrome

  • Open these browser settings if you are using Firefox

  • Find Camera option in Permissions block, click Settings and allow using of camera for https://join.mywebinar.me website. 

  • Do the same for the microphone.

If you still have an issue with your video session, please, open the Support widget on the platform and send us a message. We are excited to help our customers as soon as we can.

Your LeggUP Team

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