Here are the steps to do during the meeting:

  • Log-in 10 minutes before the meeting (make sure you’re using Chrome browser)

  • Click on “Start meeting” 

  • Select the meeting you scheduled and click on “Start”

  • Your meeting will open in separate tab page – Your browser might block the pop-up window. Just select allow pop-up for the LeggUP website in the address bar (click on the pop-up icon on the right side)

  • Click on “Join meeting” to enter the virtual meeting room.

  • Wait for your learner to arrive and greet them  in the video call.

  • Click on “Share my Screen” when you start the session.

  • Select a presentation document to share (PDF, PowerPoint or Word doc) 

  • You can maximize the view of the application screen by clicking on it, if it only comes up as a preview.

  • You can take notes on the screen while you’re client is talking, so they can see the progress during the session

  • Stop sharing your screen at the end of the meeting and turn on your camera again to agree on next steps.

  • When the session is completed click on “Leave Session” or just close the window. 

  • Alternatively you can suggest your learner to use Zoom or Skype to hold your meeting. You can enable these options on the session's page as an alternative meeting spaces. 

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