The simplest is that you send your learner a message on the chat with the proposed dates, and when the learner responds you agree with the learner on the date and time in the chat.
Now you can schedule the session. 

  1. Click on “Start a meeting” on the top of the window (large green button). 

  2. Click on “Schedule meeting”. 

  3. Select date and time and duration of the meeting. 

  4. Make sure you select your learner. 

  5. You can choose to make the meeting “Billable” or “Free” for tracking purposes - it will not generate an invoice for the meeting yet. 

  6. Send the invitation to your learner by clicking “Save Session”.

  7. Alternatively you can schedule a session in your Calendar. Just click the cell and complete the same form.

  8. The learner needs to confirm the time before the meeting will start.  

Learner could also schedule the session in Calendar. You will get a notification if it happened.  Follow these steps in this case:

  1. You will need to confirm the booked time. The simplest way to accept the invitation is to click on “Start Meeting” button then click “Confirm” for the session.

  2. Once the meeting is confirmed your learner will get an email that the meeting invitation was accepted. 

  3. If you are not available for this period, open you Calendar and move the session card to a free slot that you can alternatively  propose for the session. 

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