1. Select a learner from your Contact list.

  2. Start talking with him/her in your Chat. 

  3. You can schedule and complete the Chemistry session  to get acquainted. this option is available when you create a new session.

  4. Check learner's goals, discuss details and create a coaching plan for the learner.

  5. Create a session with your learner. 

  6.  The learner will need to confirm the scheduled time slot. Generally if one of you has scheduled the session, the other party should confirm whether the meeting time is good for him/her.

  7. Use Start button in the header to open the list of your coming sessions.

  8. When it's the start time of your scheduled session, you will see the orange "Start/Join" button in the header. 

  9. Click the button to open the modal screen with the list of sessions, select the current session and start it. The workspace for the video meeting for this session will be opened in a new tab.

  10. Enjoy and complete your video meeting! Do not forget to save the files you got during the meeting as they won't be available after you close the tab.

  11. Ten minutes after the session is completed, the number of the delivered minutes will be set automatically in the session's details. This number could be updated manually.

  12. Create an invoice to bill minutes that were delivered for any particular coaching plan. You can also create an invoice to ask your learner for the payment in advance.

  13. Continue to create more coaching plans, sessions and invoices as described above.

  14. Lastly, do not forget to rate the coaching plan.

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