Your left side menu is your navigation tool for everything you will need to access in your account.

My Development

Onboarding provides a guided experience to view all our programs as well as a personalized coach recommendation for your development.

Development Plans

Within Development Plans, you will see all current and past plans you have access to. Clicking the Details button shows you all the steps and as well as scheduling buttons for each session,


The Schedule link provides the opportunity to view and schedule each one of your sessions along with the ability to view any sessions you have already completed.


The Assessments link gives a comprehensive view of all of LeggUP's assessments and their reports. You may also retake certain assessments from this link.


LeggUP provides a Chat function to enable communication between you and your coach throughout your journey. If you are logged out of the platform, messages will be emailed to you with a link to allow you to respond in a timely manner. Also in this window on the right, you have the ability to toggle between any coaches you are working with and all notifications directly from LeggUP.



Your Wallet provides a display of all your available credits and any credits you have reserved for plans you are currently enrolled. You also have the ability to purchase a newly selected plan from this screen.


Profile gives you an overview of your personal details and experience as well as the ability to edit them. It is important to have a complete profile to enhance your coaching experience.


Your Settings page enables you to update your email and change your password. You will also be able to link your Google account and LinkedIn account here as well.

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