We highly recommend to start with your Profile. Before you start your Profile, you will have a “Pending” status and learners will not be able to contact you.

We build your profile as a set of steps in different tabs.
Start with your Personal Info tab to introduce yourself - all initially required information is in this tab. Then, you can start fulfilling your Landing page on your Meet Coach tab or enabling your Payment mode on the Payment Info tab.
The Landing page is used to promote you to our learners. Enabling your payment mode allows you to be paid for your sessions, so you can imagine how important this is! 

Once you're "Active," learners will be able to find you and add you to their contact list. Then, you can get to know them. We will provide you with a Chemistry session and, if all goes well, you can start coaching!

The completeness of your profile determines where you will be ranked in the list among other coaches. With a complete profile, learners will be able to find your profile easily at the top of the list. With a relatively empty profile, learners will barely be able to find you! 

It is in your best interest to complete your profile as much as you can so you can start building great relationships with our learners.

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